Augmented Reality tool for visitors

Installation Procedure of the “Final Meeting – Lisbon App”

“Final Meeting – Lisbon App” is a demo of how augmented reality works. The App is compatible only with Android OS and is not available in the official Google Play Storage.

You can easily install it in your smartphone and/or tablet following these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Security & privacy
  3. Under the label Security click on Additional settings
  4. Enable (switch on) Unknown sources (installation of non-official apps)

  5. A warning message will appear. Do not worry (trust us!) and click OK

  6. Now you can download the app: final-meeting-lisbon.apk
  7. After installing the app, do not forget to disable (switch off) the Unknown sources option in Settings (reverse of step 4.)
    Notice: If your device does not recognize the file format as an app, download the APK installer from Google Play Store.
  8. Launch the app and select “Welcome to Augmented Reality”
  9. Select “Logo KnowRISK” and look for the logo of the project

  10. A movie will start explaining how to reduce non-structural damage
  11. Enjoy the “augmented” experience.