Practical Guide Board game

This board game is based on the KnowRISK Practical Guide which teaches simple measures to make your home safer.

How to play: Print the PDF of the game, and cut out the cards:

Number of players: 2 teams (maximum of 4 players in each team) + 1 moderator

Rules: Each team chooses its avatar character (firefighter, civil protection officer, geophysicist or engineer). Each player takes one card per round and places it on one of the 4 boards (red, orange, yellow or green) according to a Move-Protect-Secure-Retrofit concept, upon motivation from the moderator.The moderator may approve or reject a choice. The player may argue with the moderator and discuss the choice with the other players. If the rejection is confirmed, the card goes back to the deck. The player must pass and wait for the next round to play.The team placing the largest number of correct cards on the board wins.

Earthquakes cannot be prevented, but losses can be greatly reduced.
If you live in an area where earthquakes can occur you are exposed to injuries, damage and long-term financial consequences.
Before an earthquake occurs, adopt these simple measures that can make you safer at home, at school or anywhere else.