Week of Planet Earth

The Week of Planet Earth is on its start! Italy will host a full-immersion in geoscience throughout the country. KnowRISK will take action in Ferrara, Varese and La Spezia.

In Ferrara, on Sunday October 16th at 11:00, we will start a public engagement action with the game Playdecide.  Citizens will be challenged pretending be a Mayor, a Scientist, a Housewife, a Teacher, a Tenant, a Constructor,  a Volunteer in a role-game to understand/suggest  how to be prepared to an earthquake.   We will play around tables at the Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori dell’Università (IUSS), via Scienze 41/b. The event is the beginning of a collaboration between KnowRISK and the Master in Journalism and Science Communication.