Tall file or storage cabinets for kitchen and office

Stakeholder Life safety Property loss Functional loss
Solution/ Expertise Repair time Costs of strengthen

Typical causes of damages

Doors swinging open and drawers flying out can also cause unforeseen accidents.

Broken tableware and other fallen objects can also block escape routes.

Recommended methods

Secure furniture to walls using L-brackets. Secure all cabinets doors, especially those overhead, to help prevent contents from falling out during earthquakes. Cabinets must have push or child-proof latches.
Secure refrigerators and other major appliances to walls using earthquake appliance straps.
The contents of cabinets may shift and break in the movement of an earthquake. To help prevent this movement, line your cabinets with rubberized shelf mats. This typically is sold in rolls or pre-cut squares at hardware and variety stores.
To protect stacked china plates, place a square of this rubberized matting between each plate in the stack.